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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Powerful quote on Abortion. 

"A woman does not choose abortion as she would choose a Porsche or an ice cream cone, but as an animal caught in a trap chooses to gnaw its own leg off."

Matthewes-Green, Frederica. Real Choices: Listening to Women;
Looking for Abortion Alternatives, Conciliar Press, July 1997.

Another idea: A single woman with an unwanted pregnancy is in pain. She faces the following alternatives:
1. Have an abortion. She will likely never forget the day.
2. Give up the baby for adoption. She will look at every child she sees from then on and will wonder.
3. Keep the child and likely be economically marginalized, in poverty for life.

What a "choice" modern women have! And modern men unfortunately are happy to shove this choice on her.
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